Origin and philosophy

Cuoiofficine was founded in Florence by Timothy and Tommaso Sabatini, two brothers who decided to turn their combined bags of experience - in both leather techniques and the family restaurant business - to something unprecedented. Fusing Timothy’s artisan background with Tommaso’s penchant for presentation, befitting of a restaurateur, the siblings’ brain-child injects an innovative artistic approach into age-old leather techniques.
Timothy and Tommaso explain their new line of work:

“Florence is our home and inspiration. It’s a place where you can breathe in history, art and age-old emotions. Every day we are surrounded by stimuli that drive us to explore and experiment with the oldest leather decoration techniques to reinvent their application in the leather industry, pursuing a goal that’s as ambitious as it is realistic: applying art to leather”.

Quality and Ethics

Our product is entirely designed, developed and produced in Florence with calf natural leathers of the highest quality. We are very demanding with our craftsmen pursuing perfection in every detail, but we care a lot to distinguish ourselves in offering unique pieces entirely handmade, high quality products that last and become even more beautiful over time.
Three stitches and a half per centimeter, brass metal parts, external and internal metal zippers, border color obtained with more than five steps are just some of the details, synonymous of absolute excellence, that we always want to explain and communicate to our customers.

One of a kind

We have designed, developed and produced the Cuoiofficine collection after years of research and experimentation, from 17th-century marbling on hides to a totally revised leather tattooing technique; we only use vegetable-tanned hides according to Florentine tradition. Certified and guaranteed, our accessories are unique in the original sense of the word.

Developed in Asia, it arrives in Europe around 17th century, where it develops under different names between Turkey, France and Italy.
Florence has always been recognized for the production of marbled paper, where the craftsman poses a sheet of paper on the surface of a specially prepared bath, on which the floating colors were previously placed and "combed".
Cuoiofficine, in collaboration with the historical company "Il Papiro", takes the basics of this marvelous technique, twists and develops them in order to create beautiful and unique objects in the world.

The steps for the realization of our print:

We personally choose each hide before the so-called "retanning" phase, where the hides must have no defects and have the correct softness;

We prepare our leather with a base that allows the adhesion of the inks and the maximum result of brightness;

Whole hides are cut in order to enter and be worked by hand in the tanks where previously the color has been placed and "combed";

The craftsman proceeds to print the leathers by hand one by one;

The fixative, composed of four passages, is then applied to the printed hides, so the color always remains perfect in case of wear, scratches or water;

The skins are then brought to press according to the more or less shiny or opaque effect we want to obtain..

The tattoo is an art that has existed since the Neolithic. For a long time it has been associated with sailors, since when the British fleet began to come into contact with non-European cultures. At the end of the 18th century Captain James Cook, returned home from his expeditions to the Pacific Ocean with many stories about the "tattooed savages". It was then that the word "tattoo", which derives from the Tahitian "tatau", was introduced for the first time in England. In addition, many of Cook's sailors returned home tattooed, starting a tradition that would spread rapidly in all ports of the world.
Cuoiofficine, together with the Florentine tattoo artist Rino Valente, reinterprets and develops the tattoo technique to create unique objects in the world and each time different.

- The tattoo technique on vegetable tanned leather is made entirely by hand. The leather is processed with various tools to sculpt the soul of the skin to find its three-dimensionality.
- The leather is then painted with natural waxes and pigments, giving it shades and shadows.

Our store and your personal touch

Our via Guicciardini store is also home to our workshop. It’s our way of drawing customers into the wonderful world of leather through “performances” that reveal some of the secrets behind the making of bags and wallets.

These are moments when our artists and artisans show how tradition can blend with innovation.

Customers can personalize their purchases by choosing the choice of their initials painted completely by hand or branded, the color of the bag's flap or shoulder, the addition of pockets and accessories that enrich the object. Cuoiofficine is for everyone who’s looking for something authentic, unique in the world, real Made in Italy excellence and the beauty in every detail.

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Opening hours
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