Cuoiofficine was created in Florence from the desire and the will to achieve something truly unique and special, of real beauty and timelessness, communicating the passion and love for the Tuscan craft tradition.

Since I was very young I have always had a weakness for beautiful things, things in which I can glimpse a story or that convey emotions.
After my studies and many years of hard work, I gradually became what is known as a “product man”, specialised in hand-crafted manufacture and mainly in the development of collections of leather goods and footwear. Over the years I have worked with many of the foremost fashion companies in the world, dealing with product development and seeking to transform the designers’ ideas into collections and unique and exclusive objects.
After around fifteen years and many satisfying achievements, as I was walking through the centre of my hometown Florence one Saturday I stopped in front of a splendid historic Florentine shop which for generations has been selling products made with paper decorated by hand using a technique called “marbling”.


The best of Made in Italy excellence and craftsmanship
where tradition meets the future

After many attempts, and with the support of firms and craftsmen representing Made in Italy excellence in the fashion world, we have succeeded in putting together
a collection of unique objects of incredibly vibrantand brilliant colours of a kind that have never before been manufactured on industrial scale.
The marbling technique, executed entirely by hand on leather and skin, makes every single object totally unique.
Since no two entire surfaces are ever completely the same, it will be yours and yours alone for ever.

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From the skin to an object fashioned with its own soul

Using an ancient technique dating back to the 17th century, and previously used to decorate paper, we have succeeded in transferring the colour and light of the inks to leather and skin in a unique way that creates designs and effects of movement that are different in every single centimetre.

1 The craftsman applies one colour after another over a liquid base made of water and carrageen moss so that they float above the surface.
2 After this the colours are moved and combed by hand using a series of needles so that they merge with each other creating a “peacock’s tail” design.
3 The craftsman then places the leather or skin over the floating liquid, which absorbs the colours and patterns which are different every time.
4 The final result is marbled leathers of dazzling colours where every centimetre is different. These can then be used to create


Our craftsmen’s hands create objects that are precious and unique – just like you

The marbled leather is then processed and transformed by our craftsmen into a collection
of leather objects of supreme quality, with a special focus on detail and beauty.
Hallmarked by the immediately recognisable “peacock” pattern, each item will always be totally unique, just like you.


Beauty meets tradition and Tuscan history

In every article of the CUOIOFFICINE collection the colour melds with the MARBLED LEATHER made from calfskin
that has been vegetable-tanned following the ancient Tuscan tradition. The entirely NATURAL tannins used to treat the leather ensure
that every single one of our products has that unmistakable fragrance of natural Tuscan calfskin.


The guarantee of an object that is yours alone

We have sought to certify and guarantee the uniqueness of our products over time through the use of significant details, and to make this guarantee even more authentic we have written it by hand.



The pleasure of being able to change colour with just a “click clack"

We like to think that every day is different, just like our moods are different.
Simply by undoing two snap fasteners you can transform your 039 to the colour you want in an instant,
choosing the shade you feel represents you at that moment, or simply leaving it “natural”.


The ancient bond of beauty, soul and words in a unique and timeless object

Our TACCOSAGGIO (WISE HEEL) collection of objects made strictly by hand in MARBLED CALFSKIN takes its name from the “tacco” or heel,
the characteristic form of the Florentine horseshoe-shaped coin purse.
The leather is skived using a knife and there are no seams on any of the articles. The shapes are created simply by folding and beating the skin into the desired form, and the glue is made from vegetable materials and applied cold to the damp leather. In this way the organic glue fuses with the leather, making the products stiff and solid. This structural rigidity is a hallmark of added value, not to be confused with the typically stitched small leather goods more commonly found.
The TACCOSAGGIO collection is quite distinct from the ordinary objects in vegetable-tanned leather that have been on the market for over a century, because
for the first time in history they have been made using LEATHER MARBLED BY HAND. This process gives every single object an absolute value, since it can never be reproduced and will continue to be totally unique.


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